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Aspasia Chatzidaki

Χατζηδάκη Ασπασία1Dr. Aspasia Chatzidaki is a Professor in the Department of Primary Education at the University of Crete and Director of the Centre for Intercultural and Migration Studies. From 2019 to 2023, she served as the Head of the Department, while from 2016 to 2021 she was an elected board member of the Centre for Research and Studies (CERS-UC) of the University of Crete.

In her research, Dr. Chatzidaki focuses on teacher education for diversity and inclusion in various contexts and on Greek as a second and heritage language. She has participated in various research and teacher education projects (more recently in the ERASMUS KA220-HED project ‘’Global Teacher Education-GatherED’’, 2021-2024) and has published on issues of minority language maintenance and inclusive/ empowering approaches to education with regard to bilingual students. She is currently involved in research on the status of Greek as a heritage language in Ontario.

Since 2019 she has co-edited three collective volumes on refugee education in Greece and ‘new’ migration from and to Greece (J.A. Panagiotopoulou, L. Rosen, C. Kirsch, & A. Chatzidaki, A. (Eds), (2019)‘New’ Migration of Families from Greece to Europe and Canada - A ‘New’ Challenge for Education? Berlin: Springer, Chatzidaki, A. & Tsokalidou, R. (Eds) (2021). Challenges and Initiatives in Refugee Education: the case of Greece. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and Κousis, M., Chatzidaki, A., & Kafetsios, K. (Eds) (2022). Challenging Mobilities in and to the EU during Times of Crises. The Case of Greece. IMISCOE Springer series (Open Access)] She has also published two books in Greek [Chatzidaki, A. (2020). Teaching bilingual Children: theoretical issues and pedagogical approaches, Athens, pedio, and Chatzidaki, A. & Maligkoudi, C. (2023). Community-language development among minority-group children: the role of family and school. Κallipos, Open Academic Editions, http://dx.doi.org/10.57713/kallipos-359]