C.I.M.S. - Rethymno University Campus, 741 50, Gallos, Rethymno



The Center for Intercultural and Migration Studies (CIMS) is one of the oldest research laboratories of the Department of Primary Education. It was founded in June 1996 under Presidential Decree 147 (Government Gazette 111-10/06/96) with the following objectives:

  • To study and promote Greek-language education for diaspora Greeks taking into account the various cultural and socio-political contexts in which they live.

  • To study and promote educational issues for repatriated Greeks and foreign nationals living in Greece.

  • To provide pre- and in-service teacher education related to teaching Greek as a Second language both in Greece and abroad.

  • To produce teaching material for the teaching of Greek language and culture to the aforementioned categories of students.

As part of its mission, CIMS can participate in research programs and studies, and can undertake the production of educational material, the organization of teacher training programs, student hosting programs, and Summer Schools providing courses of Greek language and culture.


Since 2010, it has been housed within the premises of the Research and Study Center of the University of Crete (at the rear of the first floor of the northern wing) as one of the Laboratories of the School of Education Sciences operating within its framework. ( https://www.keme.uoc.gr/index.php/el/ediame-gr)