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CIMS has organized multiple teacher training and other educational activities both in Greece and abroad, mainly within the framework of the programs ‘’Education of the Greek Diaspora’’ and "Greek-Language Intercultural Education" until 2014. For these activities, you can refer to the following links:

In recent years, CIMS has offered short online seminars to educators teaching Greek as a second language, upon invitation from local Education Coordinators and educational entities (see, for instance, seminars organized by the Education Office of Constantinople and the Education Office of Bucharest).


Other Activities

October 2016

The Director of CIMS, Prof. A. Chatzidaki, participated, upon invitation from the Parents' Association of the Greek School of Oslo, in an event dedicated to Greek-language education in Norway (Project T.E.G. Oslo, 14/10/2016) with a presentation titled "Defining Successful Learning of Greek as a Second Language."

November 2023

As part of her visit to Toronto for the purposes of the Hellenic Relay research (funded by the Hellenic Heritage Foundation and led by Dr. Themistocles Aravossitas), the Director of CIMS, Prof. A. Chatzidaki, participated in a workshop for educators of Greek schools, held on Saturday, November 4, 2023, at the Polytechnic Cultural Center of the Greek Community of Toronto, with a presentation titled "Teaching practices to enhance speaking skills."