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5th International Conference "Crossroads of Languages and Cultures"

In June 2018, CIMS, in collaboration with the association "Polydromo”, organized the 5th International Conference "Crossroads of Languages and Cultures" with the theme "Languages and Cultures in Schools and Families."

The conference papers were organized according to the following research topics and areas:

  1. Language use / language maintenance / language policy in bilingual families

  2. Literacy development in schools and communities

  3. School-family collaboration: using the cultural and linguistic capital of 'culturally diverse' children

  4. Good practices / innovative teaching and learning methods aimed at empowering 'culturally diverse' students and achieving the goals of Intercultural Education

  5. Good practices in the training and professional development of educators in bilingualism and intercultural pedagogy

  6. The Greek language in the Diaspora: language practices, educational policies, and future prospects.

After a 'blind' review process, the conference hosted over 65 oral presentations and 5 poster presentations, 7 thematic symposia and 5 workshops, in English and Greek.

The conference was attended by more than 120 participants both from Greece and Cyprus and other continents.

For the conference proceedings, please refer to the El-Locus of the library.