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Erasmus+ Global Teacher Education Project (2021-2024)

The Center for Intercultural and Migration Studies/University of Crete is a partner institution in an ERASMUS+ KA220-HED (Cooperation in Higher Education) project titled Global Teacher Education (GatherED). The project began in November 2021 and will end in October 2024.

The program is coordinated by the University of Iceland (Haskoli Islands), with the following universities participating as partners:

  • University of Oslo (Norway)

  • University of Granada (Spain)

  • Oranim Academic College of Education-The Kibbutz Movement (Israel)

  • University of Crete

Τhe GatherED project aims to enhance diversity competence and digital responsibility in teacher education, particularly by increasing knowledge and understanding of global education and global digital citizenship in multilingual and multicultural teacher education contexts.

The program's activities will be concluded with the production of material in the form of Open Education Resources (EdX course) for the training and professional development of educators at various levels.

Key collaborators from the University of Crete are:

  • Aspasia Chatzidaki (Project Manager), Professor

  • Paraskevi Thomou, Associate Professor

    For more information, please visit the project's website