The achievement of the fundamental objective of the project is soughtthrough three actions (ATHENA, PROMETHEUS, HERMES), each one includes arange of sub-actions with specific objectives.

Action I: ATHENA
Firstly, the objective of the action is to produce studies in the followingareas:
  • The conditions in which the teaching of Greek in educational institutionsabroad takes place
  • The social areas in which Greek language is used abroad
  • The organizations responsible for the teaching the Greek language
  • The sociocultural and linguistic pre-conditions (levels of language learning)of students
  • The abilities and strategies to promote the teaching of Greek as a foreignlanguage to non-Greek speaking people abroad.
  • The ability and the method of establishing bilingual educational programsin schools of the reception countries.
Secondly, the objective is the production of teaching material either intext or electronic form, for the teaching of Greek to students of bothGreek and non-Greek backgrounds.
Action II.

In the specific action the in-service training of Greek teachers whohave been sent overseas, is sought, but mainly, the continuing in-servicetraining of immigrant teachers, who will act as multipliers at the regionswhere they teach.

Action III:

The creation of multimedia applications for the teaching of Greek languageto students of Greek and non-Greek background, is sought, in the contextof the research. The creation of databases in which statistical data willbe included. Book lists and resource material for the teaching of the Greeklanguage and culture will be produced. Finally the aim is to produce acommunication network within the World Wide Web. People and organizationsinvolved in the teaching of the Greek language and culture in Greece andabroad will participate in this network.